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Smart TV

Первый слайд
Good afternoon.
In my presentation, I would like to speak about super invention – about Smart TV.

Второй слайд (history)
The story of Smart TV starts since 1997 (nineteen ninety seven). For example, in 1999 (nineteen ninety nine) new services such as TiVo and ReplayTV appeared. They were like videocassette recorders with a built-in rigid  (билд ин риджит) disk that recorded chosen TV programs and provided an opportunity (опорчунити) to watch them at any time.

In 2000 (ту таусенд) special devices called (колд) Set Top Box appeared. They extended functionality of basic TV: closed-circuit and satellite TV. 
But the first Smart TV appeared recently – in 2009 (two thousand and nine). The most famous producers of Smart TV are Samsung, Sony and LG. Conception of Smart TV is at opening phase (феес) but it is impetuously (импечиоусли) added with software.
And one can say with confidence that in the near future hybrid TV will become more functional and incredible. 

The origin of notion «Smart TV» is similar to origin of «Smart Phone». The last one appeared thanks to integration of the Internet, widgets and apps to modern mobile phones. 

Третий слайд (What is a Smart TV?)

What is a Smart TV?
To explain what it is, it will be better to write down the following formula:

Smart TV equals TV plus (плас) applications plus Internet

The definition of Smart TV is the following. It`s a TV set with a Internet access and apps. Smart TV enriches functions of modern TV set 

To make a long story short, Smart TV is a very big IPad.
The OS of Smart TV is Linux or Android. (optional)

Четвертый слайд 
Features (фичурс) in Smart TV

Now days, more and more people prefer the Internet to TV. Young people prefer to watch the same TV programs recorded rather than online. For example, on YouTube. 

Usually, people do this on computers or mobile phones.It's problematical because their screens is smaller (смолэр) than the screens of TV set. Smart TV has solved this problem!

Operational system and apps afford us to watch any content from the Internet or online services right on the screen of seventy five (75) inches. 

Smart TV enables access to movies, shows, video games, apps, etc. (и`тсэтэра)
Apart from downloaded (доунлодед apps such Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, we can ourselves download apps to our Smart TV. Web browser, Skype, different mini-games are downloaded in advance. Basic TV in Smart TV is fee-paying.In Lithuania you can order for example Gala to watch channels.

Пятый слайд  (HD and 4k ultra)
New models of Smart TV show video in HD and 4K (фор кей) Ultra HD quality. Smart TV has a 3D function, Bluetooth and WiFi. 

Шестой слайд (минусы)

1. Smart TV appeared recently, so the price for it is very high. Screens of 65 to 75 inches cost approximately (апроксэмэтли) from one thousand five hundred (1500) to two thousand five hundred (2500) euros (юроус). 

2. Early models work relatively (рэлатавли) slow. Using of web browser or YouTube is a time consuming process. But there`s no such a problem in new models. 

3. Some producers of Smart TV can keep track of users, also in the purposes of advertising targeting. For example, TV sets made by LG company send information to the website about switched channels made by a user and about the files of memory sticks that were connected to the TV set by the user.

But, all in all, Smart TV is an incredible invention that helps to spend free time perfectly.

That's all. Questions?

Do you have Smart TV at home?
Yes. Samsung, this year. 4K Ultra HD , model I do not remember.
How many take electricity?
Bit. Any of you can afford to watch it every day.
Simple but have TV and channels?
Yes, but you can order for example Gala.
is there televisiony controlled by touch
Yes, smart TVs controlled by touch there (are)

I think, that...
In my opinion..
I don't understand..
repeat in Polish please...
Yes I agree with you
never heard of this

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