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Drawing on dirty (dusty) cars

Первый слайд
Good afternoon
Hello. My presentation is about art on windows of dirty cars.

Второй слайд
What is it?

It is a new kind of art that appeared quite (куайт) recently (рисентли), in the 21st century. This is a kind of Reverse Graffiti and Street Art. We can say that this is usual drawing (дроинг) by finger, but not on a standard material.
We often saw on the dirty windows of cars the inscriptions "Wash me" , smiles or obscene (обсцин) expressions. Such drawings (дроингc) are left by people who have nothing to do with art. However, there are people who make dirty cars works of art. (However, there are people who do of dirty cars - works of art.)

Третий слайд
Reverse graffiti - a street art technique (техник) that involves (инволвз) washing a dirty (диоти)  wall or other surface, most often using a template, in such a way that the cleaned fragments create a drawing or inscription. Unlike graffiti, this activity is perfectly legal (лигал). The author (офэр) of this technique (техник) is British Paul Curtis, known under the pseudonym (псидоним) Moose.

4-5 слайд
Here we can see examples of Reverse graffiti on the streets.

Шестой слайд

The artist from Texas (тексас), Scott Wade, was inspired not by walls, but by dirty cars.

Many years ago, he was fond of drawing (дроинг) heroes of animated films on the rear (риер) windows of cars using a finger. He liked his hobby. Dirty cars in the streets became more and more, so Wade moved to painting with brushes (брашиес). And these were not heroes of comics , but real masterpieces: on dirty cars glass Wade recreated the artistic creations of world celebrities.

Седьмой слайд
Scott Wade is called "Artist of dirty cars" or "Dirty Da Vinci".
He can be considered (консидед)  the first in this art.

8-9-10 слайд

By his works he decorates his personal car, his wife's car, and sometimes cars of strangers. Mostly people are satisfied (сатисфайд). With his drawings, Scott calls for saving water.
The author (офэр) sometimes signs the drawings.

Here we can see some of his drawings.
The painting was created on a glass car in Texas. In support of legislation (леджислэишэн), for breastfeeding (брэстфидинг).


This is a temporary (темпорры) art. The wind (винд), rain and even the morning dew (dziiu) ruin (руин)  the artist's creations. Drawings (дроингс) can not be stored for long. Therefore, this hobby doesn't bring profit to the authors (офэрс). Although (олвиоу) there are some artists in Russia and the United States who makes such drawings on order and get paid for it. There were (дер верэ)  cases when advertising (адвертаисинг) companies ordered (одед) this type (тайп) of advertising, on dirty walls.

11 слайд


Despite the fact that the drawings on the cars look very beautiful, this art is controversial. Some people consider (консидерthis a pampering and doesn't include such drawings (дроингс) to art. Perhaps this is only due (диу) to the fact that today people who can make such drawings on cars are very few.And this kind of art is not popular.

First question is
What kind of art it is, whose works can't be kept for many years? Many people are sure that the artist can leave damage (дамаdzon the car.

People who are doing this, are satisfied (сатисфайд). It's beautiful and doesn't require (рекуайр) costs.
And of course it saves the water. After all, who will wash the car destroying such beauty?

12 слайд

In general, I like this kind of art. This is beauty from nothing. But if I had an expensive and dirty car, I wouldn't have trusted to scratch it with finger. Even for the sake of such beauty.
That's all
Thank you for attention

What kind of art it is, whose works can't be kept for many years? 
This is a temporary art, temporary pictures in this art

Maybe,  in childhood (чайлдхуд).Houses, Tries, Skyies.

I think, that...
In my opinion..
I don't understand..
repeat in Polish please...
Yes I agree with you
never heard of this
difficult to answer
painter - artist

воскресенье, 2 июля 2017 г.

EU foreign policy

Explain the meaning of the principle of conferral expressed in art. 5 TEU

The principle of conferral is a fundamental principle of European Union law. According to this principle, the EU is a union of member states, and all its competences are voluntarily conferred on it by its member states. This principle has always underpinned the European Union.

List the institutions and organs which have the largest impact on the Union’s common foreign and security policy (CFSP)

The European Council
The Council
The High Representative of the Union

Describe the difference between CFSP and other elements of EU external action

CFSP is the organised, agreed foreign policy of the EU for mainly security and defence diplomacy and actions. Other elements of the impact usually can be less diplomatic.CFSP shall be defined and implemented by the European Council and the Council acting unanimously.

Give at least four goals of EU external action

- safeguarding its values, fundamental interests, security, independence and integrity
- consolidation and support of democracy, the rule of law, human rights and the principles of
international law;
- assisting populations, countries and regions confronting natural or man-made disasters;
- helping develop international measures to preserve and improve the quality of the environment

List the main principles of EU external action

Democracy, the rule of law, the universality and indivisibility of
human rights and fundamental freedoms, respect for human dignity,
the principles of equality and solidarity, and respect for the principles

of the United Nations Charter and international law.

Describe the process of the conclusion of international agreements by the EU

The procedure is initiated by the Commission with providing recommendations concerning the conclusion of an international agreement. Having considered the recommendations of, the Council authorises by qualified majority a Commission to negotiate. The Commission holds the relevant international negotiations, consulting in the process with special committees appointed by the Board to perform this task.

At the end of the negotiations, the Council concludes an international agreement

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I want to present one of the most popular social networks - Vkontakte.
What is Vkontakte?
VK (Russian - VKontakte, meaning InContact) is the largest European online social media and social networking service. It is available in many different languages and is especially popular among Russian-speaking users. VK allows users to message each other publicly or privately, to create groups, public pages and events, share and tag images, audio and video, and to play browser-based games. It is based in Saint Petersburg.
As of January 2017 (twenty seventeen), the average daily audience is 87 714 854 (eighty seven million seven houndred fourteen thousend eight houndred fifty four) visitors. As of January 2017, VK had at least 410 (four hundred tenmillion accounts. VK is the 5th most popular website in the world.

VKontakte was incorporated on 19 January 2007 (january nineteenth two thousend seven) as a Russian limited liability (лайбалы) company. Founder Pavel Durov launched VKontakte for beta testing in September 2006 (two thousend six), having just graduated from St Petersburg State University. The following month, the domain name vkontakte.ru was registered. User registration was initially (инишиали) limited to within university circles exclusively (сирклс екслувелли) by invitation, but the site still grew quickly.
Quite interesting is the history of the name of the website. The founder of social network Vkontakte Pavel Durov in the process of creating the site repeatedly heard on the radio the phrase "Full contact information", which is the time the jingle of the radio station "Echo Moskvy". This fact gave him the idea to call the social network "Vkontakte".

Some offers
As with most social networks, the site's core functionality is based around private messaging and sharing photos, status updates and links with friends. VK also has tools for managing online communities and celebrity pages. The site allows its users to upload, search and stream media content, such as videos and music. VK features an advanced search engine, that allows complex queries for finding friends, as well as a real-time news search. VK updated its features and design on April 2016.

Messaging. VK Private Messages can be exchanged between groups of 1 to 30 (фиорти) people. An email address can also be specified (спесифайд) as the recipient (ресипиент). Each message may contain up to 10 attachments: Photos, Videos, Audio Files, Maps, and Documents.

Communities. VK features two types of communities. Groups are better suited for decentralised (десентралист) communities (for example discussion-boards). Public pages is a news feed orientated broadcasting tool for celebrities and businesses.

Privacy. Users can control the availability (авайлабилити) of their content within the network and on the Internet. Blanket and granular privacy settings are available for pages and individual content.

SMS serves. Russian users can receive and reply to a private messages or leave a comments for community news using SMS.

Interesting facts
1. At the beginning VK was just a application to forum for Sankt Petersburg SPBGU students and alumni of this University

2. Social network Vkontakte in the United States of America considered (консидерт) a pirate (пайрат) website, and the reason is the violation of intellectual property rights around the world.

3. Because the social network is the one most popular and highloaded sites in runet, its visits can be used to make DDoS attacks on smaller sites. VK performed DDOS attacks on certain sites, making users browsers send multiple requests to the target site without their consent.

4. To view all pages of the people who was Vkontakte, will require about one thousand years.

5. The Creator of Vkontakte earned on your invention $260 (ту хандред сиксти) million dollars.

Porn. This is the biggest disadvantage of this social network. Although (олвоут) for someone it may be a plus (плас). VK grants easy access (аксес) to pornographic images (имэджис), video and other such materials which are shared in certain communities. Kaspersky Lab makes the site dangerous to younger users.The administration is constantly receiving complaints about this, and this content is constantly blocked, but it is useless. Policy (полыси) VK is fundamentally different from the policy, such as Facebook.
Unpopular among the Russian-speaking population. If you are not from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and some other countries of the former Soviet Union that you are unlikely to find your friends in this social network. However, you can start a new one. But remember that the majority speaks Russian.
Groups with poor content. In Vkontakte many public groups which promote suicide. It can be concluded that the administration of this social network are not moderates content as it is moderated such as Facebook.Also, there are many groups where prostitutes advertise (адвертайс) themselves (вемселвс).

In General I do not advise to use this social network. Too many bad and too many temptations.
Thank you for attention

Yes it is
Games are, but not so much as in facebook
No I don't have a page there

понедельник, 5 июня 2017 г.

Šiandien aš norėčiau pakalbėti apie tai, kaip užsidirbti internete, tiems kurie kazka moka, ir tiems, kurie nieko nemoka, tai yra visiems. Studentui visada reikalingi pinigai , reikia gi ką nors valgyti , o todel kad studijavimas universitete atima daug laiko, mes (t.y. studentai) negalime sau leisti dirbti nuolatinį darbą. Tačiau internete galima uždirbti skirtingas pinigų sumas, tiesiog sėdint prie kompiuterio.
Siūlau jums keletą įdomių būdų, kuriuos man pavyko rasti.
Tik keleta, nes ju yra o laiko nera daug.

Jei jūs isvis neturite jokiu programavimo ar internetinio dizaino zyniu, megstate leisti laika socialiniuose tinklose ir aplankyti svetaines, tai jums kaip ir visiems pradedantiesiems tinka reklamos ir greitu uzdaviniu svetaines .
Tai tokios svetaines kur reklamuotojai moka už ju svetainiu peržiūras, internetiniu laiškų skaitymus , registracijas, uz ivairius veiksmus socialiniuose tinkluose ir kitus veiksmus internete.

Už tokius ivairius veiksmus reklamuotojai moka nuo vieno cento iki 10 (desimties) jav dolerių. Is pradziu gali pasirodyti kad tai darbas tik vaikams ir pradedantiesiems, bet yra daug žmonių, kurie is tokios reklamos kuria didelius pinigus.Vakar aš užsiregistravau vienoje iš tokių svetainių ir per 30 minučių uzdirbau 70 centų darant visokias registracijas. Labai mazai, bet darant tokius nesunkius veiksmus galima ismokti kaip ten internete viskas veikia, kaip sukasi pinigai ir po to jau daryti kita zingsni. Reikia pastepeti kad uzdirbtus pinigus galima isvesti tik i elektronines mokėjimo sistemas, i banko saskaita negalima.

Taigi kitas zingsis - filmu, zaidymu, programu ir kitu failu, rinkmenu platinimas.
Kaip tai veikia? Imate kazkoki failą, jį talpinote failu talpykloje, kuri moka už parsiuntimus ir platinote nuorodą į failą skirtingose vietose internete, ivairiuose forumose, socialiniuose tinkluose bei tarp savu pazystamuju.Failu talpykla mokes jums uz kiekviena jusu rinkmenos parsiuntima ir uz tam tikru procenta nuo kiekvieno isskirtininiu teisiu prie failu talpyklos prieigos pirkimo.(VIP statusas taip vadinamas).

Tok budas užsidirbti ne visada yra legalus. Žiūrint kokį turinį ir ka jus platinote. Bet uz nelegalius filmu arba zaidymu parsiuntimus arba platinima dar niekas nieko nebaude, bent jau as to negirdejau.
Nepaisant to, kad siais laikais failu talpyklos nera populiarios, visi naudoja torrentus arba pavyzdziui ziuri filmus tiesiogiai internete, sioje srytyje galima uždirbti labai daug.

Kai dar mokausi mokykloje 9-je , gal 10- je klaseje platinau daug filmu, zaidymy, internetiniu knygu, programmu, muzikos albumu ivairiuse multimedijos svetainiuose ir forumuose.Pavyzdziui buvo tokia failu talpykla Rapidshare arba dar Depositfiles kuri mokejo vartotojui 20$ uz 1000 parsiuntimu ir 60% uz VIP prieigos pirkyma (tai mazdaug nuo 7 doleriu iki 70$ doleriu uz viena). Tada mano uzdarbis per diena sieke net iki 30$ doleriu.Pamenu kad po keletu menesiu nupirkau sau pats kompiuteri, 10je klaseje buvau. Bet po to jau pradejo buti populiarus torrentai ir sia veikla reikalavo labai daug laiko nes parsiuntimu buvo vis  maziau.

Sekantis budas - Google Adsense programa

Google reklama - viena plačiausiai paplitusių ir efektyviausių web reklamos internete formų.
Google Adsense - tai Google produktas, kuris Jums išmoka pinigus už reklamos paspaudimus Jūsų svetainėje. Uz viena paspaudinima Adsense moka mazdaug nuo 10 euro centu iki 2 dvieju euru.Viskas priklauso nuo to, ant kurios reklamos žmogus paspaus. Atrodo, kad šis verslas lengvas? Ne, atskleisiu jo tamsiąją pusę. Ant reklamos paspaudžia gal 1 iš 20 arba 40 žmonių, (kai turejau savo svetaine skirta krepsiniui tai buvo 1 is 15), taigi, Jums reikės gauti daug unikalių lankytojų savo svetaineje, kad padoriai uždirbtumėte.

Kad galetumete dalyvauti programoje, jums reikalinga svetaine, blogas, forumas arba YOUTUBE kanalas.Registracija google adsense sistemoje yra labai paprasta , tačiau Google į savo programą priima ne visas svetaines  , reikia, kad jūsų svetainėje nebūtų blogo turinio, ir svetainė turi atitikti google reikavimus bei taisykles.Taigi, atlikus visą šitą reikia palaukti iki savaitės kol jums Google atsius i jusu pasto dezute unikaluji koda, ji ivedus aktivinsite savo paskyra ir galesite pradeti.

Google Adsense išmoka bus gauta surinkus 70 eurų , kuriuos galėsite atsiųsti į banko sąskaitą arba per mokėjimų sistema Western Union.(turint normalu bloga arba idomu youtube kanala surinkti minimalia suma tikrai bus nesunku)

Zinoma galima moketi zmonems uz paspaudinimus specialioje reklamavimo svetaineje (is pirmo budo), bet yra nemaza tykimybe kad greitai google uzblokuos jusu paskyra. Dirbau su google adsens beveik 4 menesius gavau 2 cekius po 120 euru kurie buvo atsiųsti  man į namus, ir turėjau juos išsigryninti banke.Bet po to mano paskyra buvo uzblokota nes per daug zmoniu paprasiau paspausti reklama.

Ir paskutinis oficialus budas, tikriausiai pats zinomiausias ir populiariausias tai - Freelance Birža.
Lietuvių kalboje „freelancer“ profesijai apibūdinti gali būti naudojamas ne vienas terminas, pavyzdžiui, laisvai samdomas darbuotojas, arba nepriklausomas ekspertas, arba projektinis darbuotojas. Tačiau jis 100 proc. neatspindi tikrosios „freelancing‘o“ koncepcijos.

Dirbti „freelancer‘iu“ reiškia:
1) turėti galimybę laisvai rinktis kam dirbti, su keliais klientais dirbti ir kada dirbti,
2) neturėti pavaldžių darbuotojų, dirbančių tau ar atliekančių tavo pavestas užduotis,
3) dirbti žiniomis grįstoje, intelektinėje srityje, pavyzdžiui IT, dizainas, vertimai ir kt.

Va cia jau , kad dirbti Freelance,riu reikia kazka zinoti.Yra daug populiariu Freelance birzu internete. Anglu kalba, Rusu ir netgi lietuviu. Tai tokia svetaine kur viena puse zmoniu tai nepriklausomi darbuotojai o kita puse darbdaviai arba klientai. Freelance uzsiema tikrai labai daug zmoniu ir ten sukasi labai dideli pinigai.Darbo yra visokio, visada ir daug, nepaisant kad laisvai samdomu darbuotoju yra dar daugiau.Galima kurti internetinius puslapius, užsiimti dizainu, grafika, kurti reklaminius banerius, versti teksta, rasyti straipsnius, unikalū teksta blogams, dirbti su video, programuoti, dirbti sistemu administratoriumi, dirbti su photoshop ir dar daug ko.

Zodziu freelance tai darbas internete, kur ir darbdavis ir freelanceris nemoka jokiu mokesčiu ir kur atlyginimas uz vienkartini darba zymiai solidesnis negu uz ta pati nuolatini darba. Pavyzdzius tam kad turetumete sukurti Logotipa (t.y grafini ženkla) nepopuliariai svetainei  paauklesite 20-30 minuciu, minimaliai zinodami Photoshop programa uz tai gausite maziausiai 10-15 euru.

Kelis kartus bandziau dirbti Freelanceriu, rasyti straipsnius ir unikalu teksta blogams (angliskai Copyright) , tokiu budu buvau uzdirbes kelis desimcius euru bet po to supratau kad tai ne mano o daugiau beveik nieko nemoku.

Bendravimas su klientais dazniausiai vyksta  per skype arba ICQ.Atlyginimas mokamas per elektronines sistemas, i banko saskaita arba i Freelance birzoje esanti saskaita.

Esme tame, kad jeigu tu studentas, negaisk laiko dirbdamas nuolatini darba, nes nespesi ir dirbti ir gerai mokytis, geriau pabandyk uzsidirbti internete, budu yra daug ir galimybiu yra labai daug. O busimiems informatikams tai dar ir gera patirtis.Aciu uz demesi, sekmes.

понедельник, 29 мая 2017 г.


#include <cstdlib>
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

class A {
             void pisz(){cout<<"Litera A"<<endl;}
             class B : public A {
                   void pisz(){cout<<"Litera B"<<endl;}
int main()
    A * a= new A();
    B * b= new B();
   return EXIT_SUCCESS;

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конст и дестр.



код конст.

Деструктор определен в строках 34 — 37. Для про